Andrew Barker from Kidsgrove Ferrari v Single Seater Racing Car Experience Ferrari, brilliant. Formula Ford, brilliant. Overall, brilliant....... Jackie Quinn from Huddersfield Ferrari Vs Aston Martin Experience Thoroughly recommend to all....... Alex Newton from kidsgrove Ferrari Vs Ariel Atom Experience Never thought driving could be so fun....... Mark Pringle from lancaster Ferrari Vs Audi R8 Experience Well organised with very good instructors, hats off to all....... David Keith from Doncaster Ferrari v Lamborghini Experience Unbelievable, just wish I could be an instructor.......

Lamborghini V

This fantastic driving experience pits the prancing horse against the raging bull, Ferrari finesse against the brute strength of the Lamborghini. Which is the best supercar? Now's your chance to find out as you push these masterpieces of Italian engineering through their paces on a real race track.

Ferrari V
Audi R8

This is your opportunity to feel the passion of the Ferrari 360 Modena and compare it to the German engineering excellence packed into the awesome Audi R8. Find out why the Ferrari 360 Modena is regarded as a classic and why the Audi R8 is most certainly a future classic.


The ultimate supercar driving experience thrill, a triple supercar drive and a racing car experience rolled into one. Drive the Ferrari 360 Modena, the Audi R8 and Aston Martin V8 Vantage before climbing into the cockpit of the awesome Ariel Atom. An experience for all supercar fans to savour.

Ferrari V
Aston Martin

This double drive is a must for supercar fans. Compare the Italian style and flair of the fantastic Ferrari 360 Modena to the luxury and refinement of the stunning Aston Martin. Two supercars that will leave you gasping for breath with their outstanding on track performance. Which is the better supercar? Only you can decide.

Ferrari V

This double supercar driving experience is guaranteed to thrill. Take two of the most sought after supercars in the world today, add the Racing School Limited race circuit and you have all the ingredients required for one unbelievable driving experience. Twelve miles of pure unadulterated supercar fun.

Ferrari V
Ariel Atom

This combination driving experience is definitely not for the feint hearted. Take the classic Ferrari 360 Modena and contrast it with the 'pocket rocket' of the motorsport world for a truly memorable, if not slightly mad driving experience. Two totally different supercars offer one totally unique insight into power and speed.

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