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Owner Driver Endurance Race

Do you own a twin engine 4 stroke pro kart and want to see how it handles on a real race track? If the answer's yes, the Three Sisters' 2 hour Owner Driver Endurance race will definitely test you and your kart to the max.

Driving on the North West's premier outdoor track, will you have the skill to master the low and high speed corners? Does your kart have the pace for the lengthy straights? Do you have the determination to keep going for the whole race?

The Owner Driver Endurance race can be entered individually or as part of a team, with each kart being allowed up to 4 drivers. Racing against fellow owners, this highly competitive event begins with a full safety briefing. Following a 20minute practice session and 10 minute qualification to establish starting positions, the endurance race begins.

Owner Driver karting Event Format

• 20 minute warm up

• 10 minute qualifying race

• 2 hour endurance race

• Awards for top 3 positions

• £90 per team paid up to 48 hours in advance or £100 thereafter. (Teams can be 1-4 people)

All teams must have a unique team number and team name. To check available team names and numbers click here


Forthcoming Dates 2015

 Date  Arrival Time  Circuit  Practice Times
Sunday 11 January 09:00    
Sunday 8 February 09:00    
Wednesday 11 March 17:30   13.00 - 16.00
Wednesday 15 April 17:30   13.00 - 16.00
Wednesday 13 May 17:30   13.00 - 16.00
Wednesday 3 June 17:30   13.00 - 16.00
Wednesday 8 July 17:30   13.00 - 16.00
Wednesday 19 August 17:30   13.00 - 16.00
Wednesday 16 September 17:30   13.00 - 16.00
Wednesday 14 October 17:30   13.00 - 16.00
Sunday 15 November 09:00    
Sunday 13 December 09:00    



Owner Drivers with 4 stroke karts are welcome to test at the circuit whenever the circuit is free and available to do so. All testing is bookable in advance. The cost for testing is as follows and is for a 2 hour time slot:

£25 - 1 kart and 1 driver

£15 for each additional driver



We want the races to be competitive but it's important that everyone stays safe, so here are some basic rules and regulations that all karts and drivers have to follow:

  • All Karts must race on Bridgestone YDS Slick tyres.
  • All karts must have chain guards fitted
  • All drivers must wear all-in-one race suits and have gloves and full-face helmets
  • Staggered grid for 2 hour race
  • Minimum of 3 pit stops to be made during race. 1 of these to be a fuel stop (Three Sisters fuel)
  • At each pit stop you must stop on weigh bridge. Every kilo the kart is under 180kg a 30 second penalty is given
  • Only driver at the time is allowed in the scruitineering bay for refuel and weigh in
  • Driver changes to be made in the pit lane
  • All drivers must stop in the "stop box" at the bottom of the pit lane, indicated by 4 traffic cones
  • Any work / running repairs to karts must be done in the paddock and not the pit lane
  • All drivers must be aware of flag signals
  • High visability vests to be worn by all drivers once pit lane lights are turned on or when advised by Three Sisters Staff
  • All instructions and directions given by Three Sisters Staff must be adhered to without question
  • Failure to conform to the above rules could mean that you will be asked to leave the circuit; may not be allowed to re-join the race and in extreme circumstances will not be allowed to race at Three Sisters Race Circuit again
  • The Regulations that are used Nationwide can be found by clicking here


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