Group Endurance Karting GE120 & GE180


A brilliant team-building activity, the Group Endurance (GE) 120 & 180 are team karting events where 4 drivers join forces to see how many laps of the circuit they can complete in the allocated race time (two or three hours) and, more importantly, if they can finish more laps than their colleagues and take the chequered flag.

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Kart: Le Mans Twin

Engine: Two Honda GX200 engines

Top Speed: 60 mph

Transmission: Simple 2 Pedal Operation

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The Group Endurance Karting GE120 is a continuous 2 hour race, while the GE180 is a stamina-building 3 hour karting race. Perfect for large corporate groups, both events are suitable for anywhere between 32 – 80 drivers.

On arrival at Three Sisters, each driver is provided with a helmet, racing overalls and gloves, before heading to the briefing room for some safety instruction and racing advice. The group is divided into teams of 4 drivers, all of whom get an opportunity for a practice session before the main race. How each team decides to divide up the racing time is up to the. Is the race simply split into 4 equal time slots or should the best driver get longer in the kart and stretch out an early advantage?

The Group Endurance events are great for encouraging communication skills and developing camaraderie between team members as they discuss their winning strategy and cheer each other on.

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Format for the Group Endurance (GE) 120 race:
Full Safety Briefing
20 minute practice session
2 hour race
Minimum 8 teams
Kart, helmet, gloves and racing overalls provided.
Format for the Group Endurance (GE) 180 race:
Full Safety Briefing
30 minute practice session
3 hour race
Minimum 8 teams
Kart, helmet, gloves and racing overalls provided.
GE 120 Kart Racing - £190 per teamCall to Book
GE 180 Kart Racing - £280 per teamCall to Book
Min Height:4' 10"
Max Height:6' 4"
Max Weight:18 Stone
Min Age:16 years (Anyone Under 18 Years of Age, will Require a Parent / Guardian Counter Signature in Order to Race)