Racing School Limited Race Fixtures

Racing School Limited Race Meetings

Racing School Limited regularly hosts race meetings for local car, motorbike and karting clubs.  Spectators are welcome at these fixtures and benefit from being close to the action due to the compact nature of the circuit.

Easily accessible from Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Preston, Bolton, Ashton, the circuit is just minutes away from the M6. So if you're looking for an exciting day out In the Northwest, take a look at our race meetings this year.

Entry is £5.00 for adults, children under 16 are free.

Race Meetings 2016

Date  Event Details
Saturday 23rd     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 31st     Track Attack
Saturday 13th     Track Attack
Saturday 27th     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 28th  MBKC Kart Meeting
Tuesday 8th     Charity Rideout
Saturday 12th     NORASPORT
Sunday 13th     Blackpool Motor Club
Saturday 19th     Track Attack
Sunday 27th     NORASPORT
Monday 28th     NORASPORT
Saturday 2nd     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 3rd   MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 10th     Longton & District Motor Club
Tuesday 12th     Charity Rideout
Sunday 17th     Track Attack
Saturday 23rd   MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 24th     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 1st  Preston & District Bike Meeting
Monday 2nd   Track Attack
Sunday 8th     Wigan Motor Club
Tuesday 10th   Charity Rideout
Saturday 14th     Track Attack
Saturday 21st     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 22nd     MBKC Kart Meeting
Tuesday 14th  Charity Rideout
Saturday 18th     Longton & District Motor Club
Sunday 19th   Preston & District Bike Meeting
Saturday 25th     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 26th     MBKC Kart Meeting
Saturday 2nd     Drift Cup
Sunday 3rd     Track Attack
Sunday 10th    Preston & District Bike Meeting
Tuesday 12th     Charity Rideout
Saturday 16th     NORASPORT Bike Meeting
Sunday 17th  NORASPORT Bike Meeting
Saturday 23rd     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 24th     MBKC Kart Meeting
Saturday 30th     Longton & District Motor Club
Tuesday 9th     Charity Rideout
Saturday 13th     Track Attack
Saturday 27th     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 28th     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 11th     Preston & District Bike Meeting
Tuesday 13th     Charity Rideout
Sunday 18th     Track Attack
Saturday 24th  MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 25th  MBKC Kart Meeting
Saturday 1st     NORASPORT Bike Meeting
Sunday 2nd     NORASPORT Bike Meeting
Sunday 9th     Wigan & District Motor Club
Tuesday 11th     Charity Rideout
Sunday 16th     Preston & District Bike Meeting
Saturday 22nd     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 23rd     MBKC Kart Meeting
Saturday 29th     Track Attack
Saturday 19th     Track Attack
Saturday 26th     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 27th     MBKC Kart Meeting
Sunday 11th     Track Attack
Contacts Telephone   Website
Racing School Limited 01942 290 992
Blackpool Motor Club
Wigan & District Motor Club 01772 814 475
Longton and District Motor Club
Chester Motor Club 01253 732 983
Preston & District Motor Club 01942 814 365
NORASPORT 07526 543 529
Super 1 Kart Club 01928 740 090
MBKC 07894 224 932

All Events - £5.00 per adult per race day, FOC children under 16yrs accompanied by an adult

(except for Charity Rideout which is free of charge)

Tickets are available on the gate.

Please note animals are not permitted into the venue (except Assistance Dogs)

Timings vary depending on the event, however most race days commence at 10.00am through to 6.00pm


All testing must be booked in advance, full payment is required.

All Drivers/Riders must hold a current MSA/NORA/ACU or KART Racing licence which must be produced at signing-on.

Full refunds or transfers can be obtained if cancellations are advised 7 working days in advance of the test day.

Vehicles must comply with MSA/ACU noise and safety regulations.

Drivers must wear helmets and safety clothing complying with MSA/ACU regulations.

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